Mellower Coffee; Singapore - 2017

Mellower Coffee; Singapore - 2017

About Me

I am a Creative Strategist residing in Singapore with a sheer interest in the fintech industry.


My passion for design started with illustrating short stories as a way for self-expression. It bloomed into problem solving as a release of frustration due to incompetent and unreliable products and services. But coming from Malaysia and having lived in four different countries from down under to the land of whiskies, this allowed me to absorb and adapt to change; and this is what I believe a designer should aspire to be. As a designer cum writer, I find great depth in understanding interpersonal relationships and designing experiences that both enrich and provoke our thoughts and emotions. 

As a result, a lifelong user or customer is not one crafted by chance - it should be the culmination of a bookended experience.

If any of what I have written above has piqued your interest, please do get in touch via LinkedIn as I'd love to hear from you! Alternatively, you can also drop me a line through email;!