Faraday Future 91

Tech innovation is accelerating to a point where autonomous vehicles cannot function without connectivity.

The FF91 was launched at CES in January 2017. But, they are about to launch the same car in Singapore, so how would I do it? 

Proposed tagline: Embrace the freedom. Stay Connected. 

The “Embrace the freedom” motto is the embodiment of the FF91, an independent ecosystem of evolution crafted with a touch of luxury alongside an aerodynamic framework built for optimum performance. The “Stay Connected” catchphrase is to help emphasise the FF91’s ability to pair users together proactively with a consortium of news banks, social gaming platforms, movie libraries, and more while collecting real-time data for Faraday Future for predictive maintenance.

I have broken the event down into 3 areas:

1) The Pre-Engagement: Introduction to Faraday Future

Using an app, custom content creation can be incorporated to reach out to a wider range of personas while gathering data to help improve Faraday Future's suite of services upon their next software update or for their next product launch. In addition to this, one of Faraday Future's core business model is championing a "user-centric" system, and what better way to do this than though an app that connects users with the FF91 itself at the event.

The aim at this stage of the launch is to normalise the idea of driverless cars through the implementation of intricate and compelling storytelling that produces relatable habits and benefits per user scenario, from screen gazing workaholics to comfort seekers to tech savvy enthusiasts. The FF91 app that I have designed below is just a mock-up, following the sequence of a working mom persona with an array of needs to maximise productivity by working on-the-go while spending time with her little ones, but without compromising on comfort in which the luxurious FF91 promotes. 

Note: I have also re-written the copy in the app to suite the interests of the working mom persona. 

2) The Event: FF91 Reveal

After instilling a sense of anticipation, users who have already signed up with the app prior to the event can then familiarise themselves with these touch points on site along their user journey from: 

a) Unlocking the car: Creating an FFID and trying out Faraday Future's facial recognition technology

b) Passenger mode: Retreating into adjustable zero-gravity seats, tapping onto enroute entertainment, adjusting internal backdrops, as well as climate control

c) End-trip: Auto-valet services

These touch points are arranged systematically in mini booth-like pods to help educate and captivate users through the sense of freedom that is the FF91. I believe that tailored experiences provide a conscious shift in ones own mindset from an reluctant supporter to a passionate devotee of sorts, as it assists in driving new behaviours. To further engage attendees, giving out a few Wonka-style golden tickets to test-drive the car onsite might help seal the deal. However for those who did not manage to win a golden ticket can sit in for a 6D VR micro-experience whereby they can then opt to signup to test-drive the car in the future.

3) The Post-Engagement: Reliable Customer Service

This stage involves plenty of customer happiness to help retain interest due to the infancy stage of the EV industry. 

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