An Accompaniment Of A Lifetime

"I'll be a window in your home" - David Tasma

The closer we get to the end of our lives, the more we tend to think about the people we treasure most, and the emotional impact our passing might have on them. These people become our source of strength and within these relationships, they affect way we spend quality time. By understanding the needs of the dying and their existence to be dignified as well as the needs of the loved ones who is grieving, I questioned: Can we provide comfort by grieving together in ways that celebrate one's life?

& Always is a service that pre-empts the anticipated feeling of loss by facilitating a sharing of memories between the subject and various significant loved ones on a one-to-one basis; through the capture of these exchanges fed back into the family tree. More specifically, this aims to provide a sense of validation towards the dying whilst providing clarification for the loved one and at the same time unifying families through an engaging and collective family heirloom book grows with the ages. This multi-sensorial artefact incorporates both: audio, visual, but stresses on the importance of the physical touch from a loved one. This personal touch makes each book bespoke and intimate. 

The book holder is designed in accordance to David Tasma's quote and they work coherently together. The wood is specifically cut and chosen to relay the age of the dying, through the tree rings. It's aesthetic describes the relationship between wood and paper.

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