Help Me, Help You

United Nations 2005 survey stated that there is an estimated 100 million homeless people worldwide and as many as 1 billion people lacked adequate housing and these numbers aren't decreasing either.

Homeless individuals are often amongst the most vulnerable people in our society, suffering from a combination of poor housing, unemployment, low income, bad health, poor skills, loneliness, isolation and relationship breakdown. Homelessness is more than just rooflessness. A home is not just a physical space; it provides roots, identity, security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing. However despite all adversity of societal stigma and soaring numbers, there are many skilled individuals who deserve a second chance at rebuilding themselves. 

Help Me, Help You is a service that promotes awareness through community involvement. The one aspect that caught my attention is the cup - it is central to the experience as it gathers the most attention and interaction between the giver (homed) and the receiver (homeless). Every penny counts. By encouraging donation, the giver can attain a sense of assurance that money will be will spent on the receiver's wellbeing sensibly.

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