The Exploitation Of Toilet Paper 

On average, we spend at least three years in the bathroom. Studies have shown that we can use up to 50 rolls per person per year, and one tree can produce up to 10 rolls. 40% of users like to fold their toilet paper and 70% like their rolls hung over.

But the big problem is that the deforestation for toilet paper is more damaging to our environment than driving gas guzzling cars; and that's including the time and length of journey for the transportation of the wood to the factory for processing and finally to the stores. This process also destroys wildlife habitat. We are driving ourselves into obsession with the availability for softer toilet paper. 

Through this experiment, I've tried to think of different artefacts in which provoke responses that manufacture knowledge about one's own relationship towards toilet paper within the environment. Exploring with different shapes and sizes of the rolls, texture and style of packaging, scarcity and dispensary methods have shown that unfamiliarity assists one in understanding and appreciating the preciousness of toilet paper.

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